Group responsibilities

At Lough Dan Scout Centre we do not take on the responsibilities that are normally those of the leaders in charge of a group e.g. behaviour of members, supervision of participants, respecting quiet times,  limiting noise & litter and implementing the Leave no Trace principles. In essence we provide the facility and we expect you to manage your group as you would wherever you are staying. As a volunteer run centre we expect you to be responsible for your members and to leave the place clean and tidy ready for the next group and ideally as is good scout tradition to leave it even better than you found it. If your scouts use the toilet block showers they should be left clean for the next user. Do not expect that Lough Dan staff who are all volunteers will do it for you. Please note we do not have “camp wardens” on site at all times and we therefore expect groups to make themselves at home while at the same time being able to share the facilities with everyone else on site. We ask you to look at your practices and those of your members to ensure that they are sustainable i.e. if everyone did what you are doing would the place survive. This applies in particular to proper waste management, conservative use of fire wood, avoiding damage to trees and vegetation, and the ban on cutting up pioneering poles, the lighting of ground fires and the digging of pits.