Policies and Mission

Scouting encourages you people to run their own activities. Pitching camp, menu planning, cooking, camp crafts as well as organising a programme of activities and hikes is all done by the young people themselves. The adults are there just to lend a hand depending on the age and ability of the group and to provide adult supervision for activities such as swimming, rafting etc.

Scouting believes that when young people are involved in planning and running their own activities there are lots of learning opportunities. Learning opportunities for life skills such as planning, teamwork, decision making, goal setting, leadership, responsibility, reviewing, respect for others and for the environment.

Scout badge work and things like our Eco-Camping award can all be used to put a structure on this learning.

Scouting is not about adults keeping young people entertained or leaders arriving down before hand to set up the camp.  The Lough Dan staff team has lots of experience in working with young people of all ages and if you need help or advice just ask. We will be glad to help.


Below are links to a few of the National Scout Centre Policies and Procedures.

National Scout Centre’s Alcohol Policy
National Scout Centre’s Fire Safety Statement
National Scout Centre’s Health and Safety Policy
National Scout Centre’s Smoking Policy
Water Activities at Lough Dan