Lone Patrols

Scouting encourages young people to make their own decisions and to plan their own activities. Scout camping is all about the youth members organising their own camp and using it as a base for their own activities. For this reason scout patrols are encouraged to camp at Lough Dan with or without their leaders. Leaders and Parents often have some misgivings about teenagers running their own camps and hikes without adults present but at lough Dan we can help allay some of these worries. The National campsites are the perfect solution because

We can have adult staff present but not in an interfering way

We have many activities on site that are part of the camp fee and we can suggest suitable safe hike routes for young people to undertake on their own.

We have extra facilities such as fridges and freezers, wet weather shelter, fire wood, first aid post, toilets and showers, waste facilities making the camp planning a little easier and are laa part of your camp fee which is only € per person per night.

We can appoint a person to coordinate with the Patrol Leader and liaise with the Scout Leader by phone if needs be.

We can if required provide some assistance to the Lone Patrol such as programme guidance and training.

We can advise you on how best to get to the centre using public transport.


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