Staff Run Activities

Please note, we are not an adventure centre and as a volunteer staff team (all of whom have other commitments) it is not always possible for us to provide an instructor when you need it.

Lough Dan is a Scout Centre. Concentrate on getting your Scouts to run their own programme. We can offer some paid activities on a very limited basis. But don’t bank on it. Plan your programme, ask for suggestions, look at the suggestions here on the website. We cannot and do not guarantee availability of instructors. 

Remember the scout method is about small patrols working together. Food and meal preparation should be part of your programme, as should time sitting chatting around an open fire in the evenings. Please don’t put the tents up for your scouts (or cubs, or even beavers!) or cook their food. Instead help and guide them through it. 

High octane, adventure programme is fantastic, but its not all of what scout camps are made of – or shouldn’t be. Learn to love the mundane and life will be forever eventful and exciting. 

We try our best but don’t bank on the staff run activities being available all the time. It is best to concentrate on your own programme of activities and hikes primarily and if you require any help with any aspect of your own programme, please get in touch – [email protected] The staff are more than willing to help you with any of the self run leader run activities.

again PLEASE NOTE: The activities run by qualified volunteers may not be available due to other staff commitments, like having their own lives. Contact the team for details.

  • Crate Climbing  €5 per person, max group size 15 per hour.
  • Tree Climbing   €5 per person, max group size 15 per hour.
  • Rock Climbing  €15 per person, minimum of 10. Half day activity with 2 x 1 hour walk to get to and from crag.
  • Swanaboree   No charge.

Staff can also lead expeditions or adventures like overnight hikes, bivvies and wild camping.  They have a wealth of local knowledge and live for adventure. And love to help! If you’re unsure of what to do or how to do it – just ask, or ask them to accompany you on your adventure for a learning experience!

To inquire about these activities please contact [email protected]