Festival of Outdoor Scouting

Our inaugural Festival of Outdoor Scouting

Will take place on the 20th and 21st of May 2017 in Lough Dan Scout Centre.

If you are attending you can camp for free. If you let us know before hand we will even include you in lunch and for the BBQ on Saturday evening for just €5pp.

Participants can choose a variety of workshops to suit their interest and needs. Each workshop lasts just over an hour so there will be 4 -5 per day to choose from with time to chat during tea and lunch breaks. Do one or do them all, whatever suits you.

See below for some sample workshops. We are also looking for ‘experts’ to run some bases and workshops for us. So if you have and idea or a skill then please get in touch using the link below.

To register your interest to attend the festival: Click here

To register as an expert to run a base: Click here and fill out the form


Scout Camping
These days many leaders have taken on all the fun jobs. When you’re a kid there is something magical about sleeping in a tent, or making your own “den”, cooking your own meal over an open fire, chopping wood and making yourself comfortable using camp gadgets. This is scout camping and can be done by any age group all be it in an age appropriate fashion.

PEAK Experiences.
Nature and the great outdoors can provide those unique moments of inspiration, wonder and awe that can be life changing in terms of our relationship with the world. We will show you how to create these opportunities for your members straight out of your own head as imagination is more important than knowledge to quote Albert Einstein.

Environmental Observation Games.
A range of games and activities you can add to a hike or camp to help the participants reconnect with nature and become environmentally aware. Learn about Pond dipping and mini bug hunts. There is a lot to see in leaf litter and in a pond. These activities can create inquisitive and curious kids.

Future Forests woodland walk.
Lough Dan scout eco-park has several woodland types each with its own characteristics and opportunities for interaction. Forests are a programme resource if you know what you are looking for.

Smart phone orienteering.
Worried about kids spending too much time in their smart phones? Not any more as we look at ways to use smart phones to go eco-orienteering,
curio hunts, star spotting and  for wildlife photography .

Pioneering made simple.
2 knots & 3 lashing and you can make just about anything.

The Top 10 navigation tips without using a compass.
Map reading is the key to knowing where you are and to avoid getting lost. Learn skills to help you stay on track such as pacing, hand rail features, aiming off, shopping lists, attack points & contouring,

Taking the mystery out of compass bearings.
Learn how to take a compass bearing from your map and follow it. You can use the same skill to identify a feature in the landscape. It’s easy once you know how.