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So you are interested in becoming part of the Staff team here at Lough Dan?

THAT’S GREAT!  As the centre doesn’t run itself yet. Lough Dan prides it self in having good supportive staff that see themselves as part of a service industry. Our job and that of the Centre in general is to provide support to the local scout groups. We do this by providing a good, clean facility and programme support in the form of activities including helping groups see the opportunities that exist in the adjacent area. We very much leave the leaders in charge of each group run their own programme and as such we no longer use the term “camp warden” as it does not reflect the support nature of our job.

There are very few prerequisites needed. You have to be a member of SI, Garda vetted and you have to able to commit to do your share.

We have a few different levels of staff involvement.

Campsite Staff – these are the people that run the campsite over the course of the weekend. All the campsite staff in Lough Dan are volunteers and devote their free time to the development of the campsite and the education of young people. As a staff member in Lough Dan you can expect to do all sorts of everything from helping groups with their programme to improving and expanding the activities that we supply in Lough Dan. Committing to “work/training weekends” throughout the year, where lots of staff from LD come down to get a specific project or number of projects completed in a weekend. It is not always glamorous work as cleaning the showers and toilets, painting and the occasional unblocking of the sewers are all part of the job.

Campsite staff in Lough Dan can stay in the staff quarters. Bunk rooms and there is a canteen available.

Lough Dan FOLD patrol – the FOLD patrol or Friends of Lough Dan consists of Scouters that want to help out on occasion. Events are organised by the FOLD patrol for its members every once in a while and duties range from pottering around Lough Dan doing odd jobs to fundraising and promoting the site.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Lough Dan Staff Team please contact [email protected] or fill in the Form below. If you are Under 18, that’s great too, but you need to fill out the Youth Staff application form, at the bottom of the page.

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