Mud run

The Lough Dan mud run does just what it says on the tin. An assault course through lots of mud ending up in the lake where you get a chance to wash down before heading for the showers. The course is not particularly long or difficult just wet and muddy. You can however extend it yourself by adding a cross country section to it if you want. To do this you can either start at Old Bridge in the Jamboree Field or use the hillside now being converted into the Native Woodland Project. You can run the event as an individual challenge or as a team excercise where the team or patrol has to carry a pioneering spar around the course just for the fun of it. Either way you will need old clothes, runners, shampoo and soap.

When finished WASH OFF in the lake. We have installed two warm outdoor showers to the rear of the toilet block so you can wash off any excess mud and have a shower.

Please DO NOT go into the toilet block showers covered in mud. Thanks