Lost Property

Stuff often gets left behind by people staying at Lough Dan. If this is dirty wet clothes, towels, or runners it usually gets binned straight away. If the item is good such as rain gear or hiking boots we keep it for a while but if no one comes looking for it then it goes to a charity shop.

Occasionally people leave behind items of personal clothing, a rucksack or a tent and contact us to ask have we found it as they want it back. These items are placed in the barn “wet weather” shelter and can be collected at a time convenient to the owner. As a volunteer run centre we do not have a staff presence on site at all times and we can not arrange to meet people other than on the weekends to hand out lost property items unless a specific arrangement has been made. Please note that the barn is an unsecure location with open access.

Lough Dan is not responsible for items of lost property waiting for collection.

Due to the cost we do not post out items of lost property.