A Sustainable Center

Lough Dan has set up the world’s first Scout Eco-Park a place where sustainable management and environmental education go hand in hand with traditional scout activities.

Sustainable Communities Network    With the other National Scout Centers we have set up a partnership with the Sustainable Energy authority of Ireland (SEAI). The idea is that as similar type facilities we should be able to find common solutions to shared  problems as we try to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. The SEAI helps by providing mentoring and technical support as we look at ways to change our infrastructure to be more environmentally friendly.

SCENES Scout Centers of Excellence for Nature and the Environment. We have applied to the World Organisation of the Scout Movement for Lough Dan to be accredited as a a SCENES center. Situated at the hearth of the Wicklow Mountains National Park we view Lough Dan as the ideal Base camp and Gateway for all that the area has to offer and our program focus is continually changing to include every thing from traditional scout camping and hiking to environmental awareness activities. To support this we have established a Green-way nature trail, a Cat’s Eye reflector night hike, a bird hide and a Charles Darwin eco-base.as well as turning the campsite into a Dark Sky Reserve.

Lough Dan a place where Nature and Nurture meet