Lough Owler overnight expedition


Lough Ouler wild camp overnight expedition

If you are looking for a challenging wild camp expedition in the National Park we can recommend this one. Most of it goes over open country so you will need to be able to mountain navigate and as with all hill walks you need the correct personal and group equipment, proper foot ware, warm clothes, rain gear, map and compass, first aid kit and bivvy bags, gorp (good old raisins and peanuts). Please leave a copy of your route card with the centre staff.

  • OS Map sheet 56
  • Scale 1;50,000
  • 2cm = 1km
  • 2mm = 100m
  • Contour interval 10m
  • Magnetic Variation 6* West
  • Estimated pace with heavy pack 3km/hr
  • Walk time outwards = 3.5 hours.
  • Return walk time  = 2.5 hours


Lough Dan Scout Centre 0 156023 to Spur on Scarr 0 135022

Leave Lough Dan via the car park gate, cross the road and follow the sheep path uphill diagonally to the right towards a forest corner. From here head up hill with the open moor land on your right and the felled area and conifer forest plantation on your left. Pass through the gate remembering to close it after you and head West up the spur that comes off Scarr mountain. Distance 2km, Height gained 350m, Time at 3km per hour = 75 minutes


Spur on Scarr 0 135022 to col 0 125029.

Contour towards spot height 561 and drop into the col where there is a small standing stone. Distance 1km, height gain nil, walk time if pace is 3km/hr = 20 minutes


Col to sheep pens at 0 103035

Follow the spur off Kanturk Mountain towards the R115 road. You can either keep your height following the ridge or drop down to the car park at the Glenmacanass Waterfall. Then follow the Glenmacanass River upstream to the sheep pens at the forest edge where it is possible to cross the river. Distance 2.5 km, Height gain nil, Walk time if pace is 3 km/hr = 50minutes


Sheep pens to Lough Owler 0 090021

Follow Lough Brook using it as a hand rail feature to lead you to Lough Ouler. The best place to camp is on the small headland at the back of the lake. Remember Leave no trace. Distance 2.5km, Height gained 250m, Walk time if pace is 3km/hr = 75 minutes


To return

Retrace your route and as there is just 200m height gain it will only take 2.5 hrs