Hikes & Hillwalking

Lough Dan Scout Centre is not only situated on the shore of the Lough it is right in the middle of the Mountains. It is an ideal place to do all level of hikes, hill-walks, overnight back-packing expeditions, walking the Wicklow Way, Mountain Navigation and night hikes.

We encourage everyone that visits Lough Dan to experience the surrounding area much of which is in the Wicklow Mountains National Park. Our philosophy is “Pitch and Get Out” into wild Wicklow if you are only here for a short time such as a weekend. Keep it simple, pitch your tents, grab a metal altar fire and a picnic table and use the rest of your time exploring the area.

Attached here are some of the more popular hike routes and go to the “Activities” section of this website for other popular activities in the area. Or when you are on site just ask the staff for a suitable route for the age and ability of your group. Laminated maps are available from the office.

MOUNTAIN SAFETY      Although the Wicklow Mountains are not particularly high the weather is changeable to say the least and this can make them more challenging than they first appear. Always choose a suitable route for the age and ability of the group. Bring the right personal and group gear including warm clothing, hat and gloves, rain gear, bivvy bags or a KISU emergency shelter, lunch and some GORP (good old raisins and peanuts) to use as a trial mix and an emergency ration. Navigate using your map at all times. If something goes wrong, stay together, keep warm and assess whether it is best to stay put or move on.