Cat’s Eye Night Hike

This is a short night hike ideal for cubs and beavers and named after those Cat’s Eyes you find in the middle of the road. It is on small tracks and keeps you away from neighbouring properties where late night noise might be a nuisance. Start in the top yard or at the main gate into the car-park. Shine your torches to locate the red cat’s eye reflectors on the way out and follow the route. Careful crossing the road especially on your return leg. We have designed this short night hike to direct you away from our neighbour’s houses and even though we are in the country other people and the wildlife deserve a little quiet after dark so please don’t make too much noise. The route goes up through the area we have planted trees and are converting into a native woodland and then doubles back. Laminated maps available from the Lough Dan office. The total distance is only 1.5 km if you start in the top yard or 1.2 km from the main gate and there is a little uphill so allow about an hour or a little more if you stop to star gaze and listen to the wind.