Camp Craft

Lough dan Scout Centre has plenty of camping space right on the shores of the lough. Sites range from large open pitches for group camps to smaller sites suitable for patrol camping.

Ground fires are prohibited so metal altar fires are provided and there is a selection of pioneering spars for the construction of camp gadgets and gateways. Sinks with hot water for washing dishes are located behind the shower block. Wheelie bins for general waste are located in the car park and in the top yard for recyclables but groups are encouraged to take home all bottles and jars and deposit them in their bottle bank. The site has a wet weather shelter and a covered outdoor kitchen for use on rainy days. Timber for cooking and for campfires is provided but campers are asked to keep fires small to conserve firewood. Campfires should not become bonfires.

The centre has a range of program equipment and on-site activities most of which are self-run and included in the camp fee. Lough Dan is the perfect place for you to develop your camp craft skills and the adjacent area has many oportunities for outdoor activities and especially hill walking.

“Pitch and get out”. Scout Camping is only a vehicle that allows you to stay in an area and explore. It should not become an end in itself and we suggest that if you are only camping for a couple of nights to keep it simple. Pitch your tents, grab an altar fire and a picnic table and get out into all that Wild Wicklow has to offer.