While contact with nature is only one component in forming a person’s eco-strategy, at Lough Dan we believe there is a fundamental relationship between being close to nature and having respect for it and becoming environmentally active. .

Lough Dan is managed as an Eco-Park where sustainable management & environmental education go hand in hand with traditional scout activities.

Pitch & Get Out. We encourage everyone staying at Lough Dan to go on activities in the Wicklow Mountains. Activities such as wild camping, hill walking, night hikes, mountain top bivvies, Gaisce/DoE and back-packing expeditions, walking the Wicklow Way or rafting and kayaking on Lough Dan.

Re-Connect……We believe that if you go on  these activities you are bound to be inspired by nature, affected by the weather, amazed by the wildlife or possibly even awe struck by the night sky.

Take Action…...We hope that if you are inspired by nature it will change your relationship with it and encourage you to take action in its favor. This can start right at the center by practicing minimal impact camping with proper waste segregation on your site and by implementing the Leave No Trace principles. We have set up a waste management unit in the car park where you can sort out your waste and place it in the correct wheelie bin. There are bins for glass bottles and jars, drinks cans, batteries, metal items, recyclables and general waste.




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