Lug Walk. Wicklow’s highest mountain at 925m

Lugnaquillia 925metres

Lug is the highest mountain in the Wicklow range at 925 metres. It is one of the few mountains in Ireland higher than 3000 feet and is just over half an hours drive from Lough Dan. While not high by international standards because of our Island geography the weather is changeable and you need to be prepared for bad weather and poor visibility. Bring the correct personal clothing and navigate all the time. There are numerous routes up Lug but for this route we will guide you via the Fraughan Glen and the Baravore River starting at the ford in Glenmalure. Lug is a big mountain and the top has a large open area which forms from the three spurs than come off of the summit. Lower down the route is along hand rail features (Forest tracks and the path up along the Baravore River) but the higher up you go the harder it is to navigate as the terrain levels off up along the Cannow Spur and the summit is rather featureless except for the steep cliffs of the North and South Prisons.


Start at the ford car park in Glenmalure. N  067 942

Cross the ford and follow Table Track up past the youth hostel. There is a forest track to the left which doubles back at N 059 947 and continue along it into the Fraughan Glen. Continue along this and when you near the Baravore River follow the well-worn footpath beside the river as it climbs the steep ground. When you reach the top of the cascades and the ground levels off continue along the river’s edge but make sure you head west towards spot height 629 rather than south as you want to get onto the shoulder of the Cannow Ridge. From the spot height you can head south west along the boundary of the national park to get onto the spur. From the wide spacing of the contours on Cannow Ridge you can assume it is broad rather than well-defined but once on the ridge it is a gentle climb towards the summit. However your route needs to take a dog leg turn to the south west just before the head of the South Prison in order to get to the summit cairn 500 metres further along to the South West. When re-tracing your route be careful when coming off the summit making sure you take the correct spur and that you make that dog leg turn after decending the 500 metres from the top (Its is worth using a compass bearing and paces) and then follow down the Cannow Ridge in a North Westerly direction descending to your right  back into the “cirque” at the head of the Baravore. Use the river as a had rail again to bring you to the forest track and finally to Table Track and Glenmalure.