Scarr and Kanturk Mountain Hikes

Not only is the centre located on the shores of Lough Dan the site is also on the slopes of Scarr Mountain. Getting to the summit of Scarr (rocky ridge) is a popular hike for any age group staying at the centre and can easily be extended to include Kanturk (Hogs Head) Mountain for those who want a half days walk. The access route to the mountain is from the centre’s car park and up through our Native Woodland. Laminated maps and route discriptions for both these hike routes are available from the staff office/reception.

While not particularly challenging mountains to climb they are right at the heart of the Wicklow Mountains National Park and provide fantastic panoramic views of the Wicklow uplands. What can be challenging is the weather. Make sure that you bring the correct personal and group equipment and that you know how to use a map and compass. It is also a good idea to bring bivvy bags or better still a KISU emergency shelter for use in an emergency or for having your lunch in. These can be borrowed from the office as can a map and route description.

Make your own GORP. This is a home made trail mix ideal for eating on route.  Gorp is  make from “good old raisins & peanuts” but why not add smarties, M&Ms and jelly babies.