The Tree Museum Nature Trail

Lough Dan Scout Centre is not only situated in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains National Park it is also part of a Special Area of Concervation (SAC). Both the mature  woodland composed here of Holly, Hazel and Oak and  the wetland areas adjacent to the lake and Avonmore River are important wildlife habitats. Added to this we are creating our own 16 acre Native Woodland on the hill slope across the road from the campsite and a wild flower hay meadow in the Jamboree field. Our plan is to establish Lough Dan as an ECO-PARK where we not only manage the centre in a sustainable way but offer environmental education & awareness activities as well.

Short Nature Trail. We have a short nature trail and leaflet available from  the reception which explains the areas long history since the Wicklow Mountains were formed over 400 million years ago, the effects of glaciation in sculpting the present landscape and information on the unique flora and fauna of the area.

The Tree Museum Nature Trail. We also have set up 2.6km trail around the mosaic of different habitats that make up the Lough Dan Campsite. It is an interactive nature trail that encourages you to really look at your surroundings by using your smart-phone to take pictures of the landscape and the magnificent biodiversity. Laminated maps and a description of some of the habitats are available from the office. Post your best photos on our face book page & hash tag or go to the eco-base where you can use the wildlife ID keys to identify the species of flora and fauna you have come across.