cat’s eye night hike

We have set up a short Night Hike route which uses the “Cats Eye” reflectors and posts to keep you on route. The route starts at the main entrance gate to the camp site and crosses the road into our Native Woodland area and heads up along a small sheep track on the lower slopes of Scarr Mountain. Just over 1.5km in length it is ideal for cubs and beavers and should take about an hour assuming you stop a few times to look at the night sky or listen to the wind. It has been designed to keep you away from neighbouring properties and barking dogs but still please avoid making excessive noise and you never know your torches may pick up not only our “cats eyes” but those of badgers, foxes and deer.

The route is suitable for any sort of foot wear but bring along your torches and warm clothes.

A laminated map of the “Cat’s Eye” night hike route is available from the office.