Scarr mountain top bivvy

This is a simple but fantastic activity. Hike to the top of Scarr mountain and bivvy just near the top for the night using survival/bivvy bags. We have some large double bivvy bags available from the centre staff (large bivvy bags allow you enough room to get changed, store some gear and just be more comfortable than the regular bag). While this is a fun activity it is also a good exercise to practice should you ever be benighted or delayed due to an injury when out hiking. Place your ground mat and sleeping bag inside the bivvy bag and use the rest of your gear for a pillow etc. In a real emergency you would use all your equipment to keep warm. Condensation will form on the inside of the bag but as you are out of the wind and not effected by wind chill it will be comfortable enough. If it is a clear night you are often better off just sleeping on top of the bivvy bag only getting into it when it starts to rain.

Just off the summit of Scarr there are some flat areas that are also slightly sheltered from the wind. Bring a trangia stove so you can have a brew up and get ready for breakfast and the sunrise. You wont be the first people to do this as there are two standing stones known as the buachail stones further down the ridge near Paddock Hill. They align with the glacial valley of the Devils Glen and the rising sun at a certain time of year!!