At Lough Dan we have a selection of pioneering spars, ropes and barrels available for raft construction. Helmets, & buoyancy aids (available from the camp staff) must be worn as well as appropriate foot-ware and clothing suitable to the conditions. Please ensure you return all material after use i.e. spars back to the rack, barrels to their compound, helmets and buoyancy aids back to the boat house or drying room.

The area between the two break waters is shallow and safe and rafts should not go beyond the marked area. Lough Dan is a glacial lake and at this end it is strewn with glacial debris and boulders. Most of these boulders have been removed to form the breakwaters but others remain submerged and impossible to see due to the brown colour of the water. NO DIVING. In the interest of safety no diving or jumping are allowed.

When the scouts are on the water they must be supervised at all times by the leader in charge of the group. Lough Dan does not have any official life guard on duty.