Lough Dan the Gateway to Adventure.

Lough Dan situated in the hearth of the Wicklow Mountains National Park has a fantastic range of activities to offer. Some of these are on site, the BASE CAMP activities and include self lead activities’ such as orienteering, pioneering, rafting, the mud run and swamaboree and some are staff lead such as kayaking, crate climbing, archery and tree climbing. Because of our location there is a lot to do adjacent to the centre these are what we call GATEWAY activities. They include hillwalking, mountain biking, geo-caching, Glendalough visit, the Wicklow Way and Mountain navigation and Night-Nav on Scarr and Kanturk mountains.

For most of the activities we have information, equipment, laminated maps, route cards etc. available from the office.

For the onsite BASE CAMP activities that require trained staff there is a small cost and arrangements need to be made before hand so we can schedule an instructor. Please remember that Lough Dan is run by a team of volunteers and therefore it is not always possible to provide an instructor but we do our best.

Lough Dan is also run as an ECO-PARK where there is a range of environmental awareness/educational activities. A well as running the centre on a sustainable basis using the LEAVE NO TRACE principles we also encourage all groups to “PITCH AND GET OUT”  into Wild Wicklow and to connect with nature. We have a small eco-base where scouts can make a variety of bird and bat boxes. We have both a Green-Way nature trail and Cats Eye night hike which encourage people to pass through the mosaic of over 15 different habitat types that make up Lough Dan.

Activities in the Area

Leader Run Activities